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Job Board 



Venue Manager

Salary: £12/hr



Reporting to: Acton Arts Directors 

Manager of: Cinema Volunteers

Salary: £12 per hour

Hours: Minimum of 25 Hours per week. Evenings and weekend work essential.

Annual leave: 28 days per year

You'll be responsible for the day-to-day management of the cinema and gallery space, working in partnership with the managers of the cafe bar. You will be required to schedule films, manage the cinemas technical equipment and operate the projector when on duty (training can be provided). Acting as the main contact for private hires and exhibitions, you will also be responsible for ensuring that the building is always safe and welcoming to visitors. As Venue Manager, you'll assign the weekly volunteer rota and train and manage the volunteer team.

Main responsibilities 


Customer service


  • To maintain the highest standard of customer service through effective training and management of volunteers, so that our customers have a great experience and will wish to return.

  • To ensure all volunteers are equipped to meet customers’ expectations through training and by monitoring and feeding back on the performance of all volunteers

  • To ensure customer’s first impressions are positive through maintaining clean, tidy and attractive spaces within the building. 

  • To manage customer complaints, dealing with and escalating them as necessary.

  • To be responsible for heating, lighting and ventilation in the auditorium and gallery.




  • Showing films and other content in accordance with the cinema’s timetable and to the best possible standards of presentation.

  • To keep the website listings up to date and manage the Box Office systems

  • Maintaining and caring for projection, sound and other audio-visual equipment to ensure that it is operating safely and to its optimum technical capacity.

  • Preparing films and other content for screenings in a timely manner, with due care to avoid damaging material; securing films and other content to avoid opportunities for film theft.

  • Preparing films and other content for transport and sourcing of KDMs from distributors, well in advance of screenings

  • Providing a professional service to third party hirers of the venue.


People Management


  • To assign the weekly volunteer rota.

  • To train volunteers in promoting membership of the cinema and in selling tickets to walk in customers using the Oscar system.

  • To manage the cinema and delegate specific duties to volunteers.

  • To train volunteers in safety procedures (including fire training and evacuation procedures).


Day to Day


  • To assign the weekly volunteer rota based on an agreed schedule.

  • To report relevant information to the Acton Arts directors about building maintenance and operational issues.

  • To ensure the building is kept clean and tidy and ensure the collection of waste and recycling.

  • To assist the trustees with all maintenance issues to ensure they are resolved within agreed timeframes. 


Health and Safety


  • To carry out any required testing on the fire alarm, emergency lighting and burglar alarm.

  • To have a full knowledge of health and safety and emergency detection/evacuation requirements.

  • To ensure the safety of employees and guests by complying with Company standards, Health & Safety and Environment legislation and meeting all other statutory requirements

  • To manage the CCTV system to ensure the security of cash, assets, guests and employees at all times.


General Responsibilities 


  • To help manage and maintain Act One’s box office system and website. 

  • To promote the building as a whole and the Acton Arts project by encouraging wider partnerships with schools, local businesses and organisations, including the Local Authority

  • To undertake appropriate training and professional development as determined by the Acton Arts directors

  • Contribute ideas to the Act One programme.

  • To attend and contribute to regular staff meetings as required.

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