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About the Cinema


It has taken nearly four years and a lot of perseverance to get to the point where the Cinema can begin to entertain and provide an Artistic hub in our Local Community. It is a Community Interest Company run by and for local people.  We are creating a Pop-Up Cinema and have partnered with Oliver Meek, from the Rio Cinema in Dalston, who will be the Cinema Operator. There will be a single screen, simply constructed with a bar and cafe run by local traders. A large gallery space will be available for exhibitions and a variety of other functions. We have already secured a Film Exhibition Fund award from Film Hub London to support our opening programming and we will be making funding applications to for the restoration of this beautiful, Grade II, listed building.

Starting Off


The first films to be shown will be chosen ‘to introduce’ the Cinema to different Audiences and this will be followed by an Official Launch at a later date.

We will then settle into a more formal Programme which will run from Wednesday to Sunday evenings with potential Matinees on Wednesday and Saturday. We are planning for seven ‘Film Sessions’ per week.



Films will be promoted on our website and through the usual channels.

The cinema will have 60 seats and bookings will be made and paid for on-line. There will also be an on-site card reader for ticket purchases.


Volunteer Role


Volunteers are crucial to the success of the Cinema and they will be involved in all aspects of its operation. There may also be opportunities to be involved in other ways with the Acton Arts Project.


Volunteer Tasks:


  • Welcoming, and answering question and showing the building to visitors.

  • Promotion of the Cinema in the Community.

  • Providing information about the Programme of films and Memberships

  • Opening and closing the building

  • Meeting and Greeting Film goers

  • Helping with ticket purchase.

  • Light cleaning duties

  • Sales of snacks and drinks. (Limited to begin with.)

  • Dealing with Issues that may arise. i.e. seating, unwelcome noise etc.





Depending on the length of the Film we expect a shift to be between 3-4 hours.


We are looking for Volunteers to commit to a minimum TWO SHIFTS per fortnight and will need at least TWO volunteers on duty for each film.


We will operate an online rota and volunteers will be able to sign up for a month in advance. 


We hope to have a large and reliable Volunteer Task Force to reflect our Community and will need a people from a variety of backgrounds, ages and ethnicities. Volunteers have to be aged 18 or over.


Training and Induction


We welcome people who are new to this kind of work as training will be given. All Volunteers will have an Induction when they start. People who have had previous experience will also be very useful to us!


The Acton Arts Project and Cinema recognises the important contribution which Volunteers have already made and will continue to make and is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

If you are interested in being part of this exciting Project please complete the application form below