The Story so far...

The old Acton Library closed to the public on 19th March 2014.

Acton used to have five screens and there was talk of a new independent cinema on the site as far back as 2015 when the Curzon Corinthian group looked like they were going to buy the building. But this agreement with Ealing Council came to an end in November 2017.

There had been other community bids for the building but in May 2018 Acton Arts Project (in its current form) was established to 

* keep the Old Library in community use 
* protect the building from residential development 
* open a cinema

The group has been meeting at least once each week ever since.

The Acton Arts Project website was developed in June 2018 and in October our first bid to buy the building was submitted to Ealing Council. 

Meanwhile the number of Acton residents supporting the project continued to increase and over the next few months the Facebook page and Twitter account were set up.

There was a well-attended public meeting at St Mary’s Church Hall on 21st November 2018 where director, Doug Carnegie, spoke for the project and the community support was overwhelming.

Acton Arts become a Community Interest Company (CIC) later the same month. 

The Acton Arts CIC has 7 directors but many more advisors, volunteers and contributors - all from the community.

Because of our efforts, the Acton Library site was awarded Asset of Community Value (ACV) status December 2018.

But in April 2019 Ealing Council took the decision not to sell the building but to rent it out. This meant the withdrawal of our original investor and marked a shift in our project.

But we re-grouped and in May 2019 approached independent cinema operators to discuss a possible partnership.

The Acton Art Project delivered its proposal to Ealing Council and the decision to rent us the building was made at the cabinet meeting of 15th October.

On the 7th November 2019, we held another public meeting at St Mary’s and introduced our proposal to our community.

During this time we applied for the Bright Ideas Fund (we were successful) and to the Good Growth Fund which was, sadly, unsuccessful this time around. 

We have also been in discussion with the Architectural Heritage Fund and with developers in Acton about financial support, via grants or investment in the project.

Our Spacehive Campaign from October to December 2019 achieved an amazing £115,000 in pledges from the community.

Currently we are working on the head lease for the old library – a legal agreement between Acton Arts Project and Ealing Council. 

Once this is done, then there will be a further two leases to be agreed with the cinema operator and occupier of the upper floor.

There is a lot of very detailed work involved but we are pleased to confirm that as of February 2020, our planning application is now underway and we aim to open as a cinema in the summer of 2021.

The Team

Our company directors are all from the local community and have been living and working in Acton for many years. 


Maire Lowe

Mohammed Faisal Yousuf

Bart Govaert

Mike Taylor

David Thaddeus

Douglas Carnegie

Amanda Mason


Co-opted advisors:

Nicholas Jones

Andrew Billany

David Ahlquist 


Marketing and publicity:

Kal Di Paola

Dorothy Kay

Clare Gittins

Ela Kemp

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