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  • Amanda Mason

ENCOUNTERS: Ukrainian Fundraiser Programme

As the horrific attacks on the country and people of Ukraine, continue, the Encounters Film Festival has curated a programme to highlight, celebrate, and support Ukrainian filmmakers and artists. From a stylised sport drama to a funky animated short about the body expectations that mostly befall cisgender women, this programme reveals strong and unapologetic voices unafraid to make noise.

All box office receipts from this programme will go to the Ukrainian Red Cross: ECHO, dir. Daryna Kuzmina, 2020, 1 min WEIGHTLIFTER, dir. Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk, 2018, 30 mins THE FALL OF LENIN, dir. Svitlana Shymko, 2017, 12 mins MISHA, dir. Kateryna Pavlyuk, 2021, 2 mins SISTERS, dir. Valentina Petrova & Anna Scherbyna, 2019, 12 mins MY FAT ARSE AND I, dir. Yelyzaveta Pysmak, 2020, 10 mins UKRAINE: THREE YEARS OF TRUCE, dir.Benas Gerdziunas, 2018, 2 mins Encounters is a cinema programme presenting curated selections of UK and international short films from the Encounters Film Festival archive. Encounters not only presents amazing stories from talented creators, but is also intended to be a catalyst for reigniting networking opportunities in cinemas for filmmakers, audiences and emerging talent.

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