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  • Amanda Mason

Crowdfunding success

A new cinema in the Old Library in Acton High Street is a big ask. And it’s getting there....

Residents, businesses and ward funding to the tune of £115K got the idea through the design, planning and legal hurdles.

Now the Mayor’s Make London Fund has made our day by beefing up the Acton Arts Group’s 2nd Spacehive campaign with a stunning £30K award for a pop-up cinema in the best building in Acton.

Hot on its heels; £5K from the Acton Gardens Community Chest, £1K from A2 Dominion and another £5K from Catalyst Housing which has taken us over the line and ensured our crowdfunding success!

These awards are as good as Oscars for the pop-up plan. This will be a Covid-compliant, socially-distanced single-screen prelude to the main feature - a post-lockdown two-screen plus cafe-bar within a walk or bus ride for film-lovers who want a bit more to their cinema than sofa subs.

Acton - home to Sean Connery, Lionel Bart, Adam Faith and The Who - is close to getting a cinema back.

The campaign is still open so, don’t stop giving, - every bit of this funding, and more, will be used on making the building ready to welcome you back.

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