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  • Amanda Mason

Cinema Construction

When the Act One Cinema opens in Acton the people of Acton will know they’re the ones who made it happen.

Three years and more of campaigning, fund-raising, planning, designing, partnering and navigating COVID have all added up to a long scene one for Act One. But the scene inside the Old Library is transforming by the day - thanks to the people of Acton.

More than 100 volunteers have put shifts in to ready the ground floor for the construction of the cinema. They’ve wrenched out more old nails than you’d find in Shakespeare’s Globe, Hellraiser’s head and the first settlement of Nailsworth.

A tonnage of redundant fixtures that would sink The Cutty Sark have been removed. A mountain of rubbish to rival Scafell Pike has gone. Dodgy panels of secondary glazing, gone. Walls and windows have been cleaned and painted, drains and gutters cleared. Doris Day’s famous renovation scene in Calamity Jane had nothing on this.

All this hard work by Acton’s 100-Plus means construction can continue on schedule .

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