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  • Amanda Mason

A Climate Emergency Event

Saturday 18th November at 14.00

Created with world-renowned theatre company Complicité and conceived, written and performed by Fehinti Balogun, CAN I LIVE? (62min) is the story of how, as a part of the Global Majority, his path has been forever changed by what he’s learnt about our planet. Combining spoken word, rap, theatre, animation and scientific facts, Fehinti charts a course through the fundamental issues underpinning the emergency, sharing how, as a young Black British man, he has found his place in the climate movement. An energising and uplifiting film, CAN I LIVE? is an outstretched hand, inviting audiences to recognise they are not alone – and that through understanding the issues and connecting with the many powerful activists around the globe driving change, we can find a sense of hope for the future.

CAN I LIVE? will be preceded by the documentary FAIRYTALES OF GROWTH (47min), a film that explores how the effects and risks of climate change are compelling young people around the world to call upon radical system change, offering a vision of hope for the future and a better life for all within planetary boundaries.

A panel discussion will follow with representatives from Extinction Rebellion, European parliamentary candidate, councillor for the Green Party of England and Wales and co-director of the Climate Majority Project Rupert Read, and the director of Fairytales of Growth, Pierre Smith Khanna.

The event has been made possible with the generous support of Theatre Complicité.

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