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  • Amanda Mason

Poles at ActOne

Talking and Exploring have teamed up with ActOne to present a whole line-up of events to celebrate our Polish Community Polish culture as well as commemorate WW2 Warsaw Uprising.


Small Time Obsession + Q&A Director Piotr Szkopiak Sunday 31 July @ ActOne Cinema. Acton 3.30pm

Tickets only £2.00 To sign up for the film please click here:


Joanna Ciechanowska: Tales of the Underground

Drawings on a mobile phone. Colours of the images linked to the colours of the London Tube lines."The idea started long time ago, after a visit to New York. I encountered New York graffiti covered trains and started to draw people in the metro.Then, London Transport Advertising commissioned an illustration. Now, I draw people on the underground trains on my mobile, imagining what they think or do. It is more private than iPad or paper drawing, as people imagine I am just texting. "

Oskar OK Krajewski

Oskar is the founder of Art-Recyclism platform for Artists and people who actively care for our Planet. He will exhibit one of his sculptures. He is currently working on his biggest to date sculpture called “Metropolis” which is aimed to be “transferred” to a Metaverse, accessible and playable online.

Luke Ratz

London based artist interested in transhumanism, neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

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