We are a team of local residents of diverse backgrounds and interests.


We’ve lived in Acton for many years and we’re passionate about reclaiming this historic building for community use and creating a space for culture and the arts, where everyone is welcome.


We are the trustees of the Acton Arts Project








Advisers to the Acton Arts Project

Vlod Barchuk - Accountant

Joanna Barrett - Lawyer

Andrew Billany - Public sector adviser

Celeste Bright - Fundraiser

Anne Brown  - Lawyer

David Buckingham - Architect

Jn Gale Farlow - Businesswoman

Clare Gittins - Public affairs

Barry Goss - Filmmaker

Bart Govaert - Businessman

Nick Jones - Film maker

Rev. Nick Jones - School Governor

Ela Kemp - Graphic Designer

Gary Kynaston - Educator

Andreas Millis - Restaurant Owner

Michael Millis - Restaurant Owner

Kal Di Paola - Marketing Consultant

Marek Przychochi - Builder

Michael Simms - Director of Acton Community Forum

Malcolm Singer - Musician

Nick Temple - Business adviser

Patricia Walker - Former Councillor


is a former BBC editor who has lived in Acton for twenty years.  Married to the actor Tessa Wood,  Doug has extensive experience in Broadcasting and the Arts and loves film and the theatre. He has always wanted  Acton to have a good local cinema and theatre and is working hard to finally bring the vision into concrete reality..

Doug Carnegie


was born and raised in Belgium but has lived in Acton for many years, with his family. In his professional life he is a software engineering program leader at Google, focusing on Android 

Bart Govaert

has lived in Acton in the same house for more than thirty years. She  is passionate about Acton being a great place to live and work. She wants an Arts centre in the Old Library and doesn't mind how hard she has to work for this to happen. Maire is delighted that so many people want the same thing for Acton. It's a great way for the communities to come together to create a vision for Acton. 

Maire Lowe



has lived in Acton for over twenty years and worked locally for most of that time; as the administrator for both Acton Nursery Schools and then as the finance officer for a South Acton charity. She is very passionate about the arts, co-runs the Acton Film Club and has a Masters degree in modern theatre history.

Amanda Mason



Mike Taylor spent 25 years as a newspaper and TV journalist before launching and running the digital arm of Sky Movies.

A BAFTA member, he is passionate about film and is determined to see a cinema in Acton. He has lived in West London for the last 25 years.

Mike Taylor

David Thaddeus.jpg

Chartered surveyor, also a trustee of APPLE ( Acton Play Projects an Leisure Events)

Reg Charity No 1076880

David Thaddeus

grew up in Acton and worked at Goldman Sachs before leaving to focuson his local property business, Citydeal Estates. He brings a wealth of financial and legal experience to the team.

Faisal Yousuf