Further to my previous email, I’m writing to express my support for the community bid by the Acton Arts Project.

I believe this project will greatly benefit the people of Acton as it will contribute to regenerating the high street, and support the local community by providing a space for people to come together to enjoy the arts. 

The project has attracted a large amount of support from local residents who wish for the Old Library building to be used for community purposes, and I am happy to meet with you and the team if you wish to discuss this further. 

Best wishes,

Sarah Rooney

Labour Councillor for Acton Central Ward

I am writing to formally outline my support for the community bid by the Acton Acts Project for the old Acton library building on Acton High Street.

I feel this project will give the borough a prominent arts venue and help to regenerate Acton High Street and the local area alongside many of the new ventures that are planned. As you will be aware, this proposal has generated a lot of support in the local community and would be a welcome addition to Acton. I am very happy to discuss this further with you or your officer team should you wish.

Best wishes,

Daniel Crawford
Labour Councillor for Acton Central ward

I can send on a fuller email later but as i understand it a decision is being taken with regard to lease of this building this week under delegated powers. 

I am in support of the bid from Acton Arts to take on the lease of the building. This will bring much needed cultural and community use and benefits to the High Street. 

Im not privy to any information about other bids. However it is important the council supports the local community and the added social value working together brings. I trust this proposal will be considered most positively. 


Cllr Hitesh Tailor

I am writing in support of Acton Arts Project’s bid to lease the Passmore Edwards old library on Acton High Street. 

The bid is a sound partnership between experienced successful business and dedicated Acton volunteers. These include 5000 enthusiastic local supporters; churches, the mosque, special interest groups and Jamal Edwards; alongside support from Acton BiD (600 businesses).

Demographic research shows an expanding market for cinema and live performance and CPRE research demonstrates that arts centres are proven to regenerate high streets. Therefore the project’s aim to incorporate work space opportunities, which benefit the creative industries, and its desire to provide a range of facilities that can be utilised by all of our diverse communities, are ones that I support and hope the Council will too.

Best Wishes

Cllr. Gregory Stafford (Conservative)
Representing Hanger Hill Ward.

I am writing in support of Acton Arts Project’s bid to lease the Passmore Edwards old library on Acton High Street. I have discussed the project with Máire Lowe and believe that it would support the delivery of the Mayor’s Culture Strategy in a number of ways.

A key objective of the Culture strategy is to enable more people to experience and create culture on their doorstep. The Mayor wants to make the city’s cultural offer more diverse, while delivering affordable opportunities. I have been really impressed by the Acton Arts Project’s vision to deliver a mixed-use cultural offer ranging from cinema to performance spaces and offering a mixed commercial/affordable proposition. London has lost a third of its creative workspace over the past ten years. The Mayor wants to increase workspace provision within the capital, and particularly at local level. I therefore support the project’s aim to incorporate workspace opportunities, potentially benefiting the creative industries.

I also support the range of facilities proposed that can cater to a range of diverse communities. There are a huge range of barriers to participation in London whether these are physical or economic, or attitudinal i.e. the perception that culture “isn’t for me”. I therefore support Acton Arts Project’s vision to deliver facilities that recognise the different incomes and interests of Acton’s diverse communities.

Clearly, I am not across any other bid proposals and making the selection is wholly a matter for the council. However, I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I have discussed the proposal with Acton Arts Project, that I support its Vision and that it is in line with the Mayor’s Culture Strategy.

Kind regards

Adam Cooper

Principal Policy Officer

Culture and Creative Industries Unit


I am writing as a strong supporter of Acton Arts Project’s bid to lease the Passmore Edwards Old library on Acton High Street. I have been an Acton resident since 1998 and, having followed this project from its inception, can say with certainty that it would vastly enhance life in this culturally diverse corner of West London.
As a professional musician - I write music for film, TV and radio principally - I am excited about maximising cultural experience in our neighbourhood. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been a trustee and artistic advisor to the Ealing Music and Film Festival for the last five years. Our simple aim is to show up Ealing’s cultural heart with a series of concerts and film screenings.

Acton Arts understands that its proposed facilities must cater to the neighbourhood’s diverse communities, breaking down barriers and thereby showing that culture, in all its forms, can enhance life for everybody.

Behind Acton Arts Project lies a hugely positive collaboration between successful business and energetic local volunteers. Supporters include 5000 citizens like me, churches, the mosque, special interest groups and star performers like rapper Kamal Edwards. That’s all very well; what is really exciting is the prospect of a local independent cinema offering a wide range of entertainment, much of which would never be considered by huge chains of cinemas available only to major distribution budgets. 

There will be performance spaces for local artists; I’m acutely aware as an arts organiser that these are often expensive to rent and even then very hard to come by. 

This is an exciting project which can regenerate civic life via culture in Acton and attract the attention of communities much further afield. Acton Arts Project can help Acton become a destination area, with attendant positive prospects for all of its bars, restaurants, hotels and other facilities.

The Old Library is a local landmark, designed as such by its original donor. I hope sincerely that it can continue to be so, playing its part in nursing the cultural spirit of
our wonderful community.

With best wishes,

Julian Gallant
Conductor, composer, pianist
Trustee Ealing Music and Film Festival
Governor Ark Priory Primary Academy 2014-2019
Chairman Ealing Central and Acton Conservative Association 2015-2018
Organiser Ealing and Acton Business Club

"It’s fantastic what you’re doing with the arts centre.  Can you send round details for me to circulate around my network .   It sounds like all the people we like are on this bid!  Will give you all the support we can."


Amanda Souter

Outreach Ealing is a Muslim community organisation dedicated to representing and promoting the interests of all Muslims living in Ealing. We offer our complete support to the Acton Arts project in their aim to renew this historical, iconic building by creating a focal hub in the heart of central Acton that brings together our diverse communities through their love of creative arts, fine dining and popular entertainment.


The cinema, restaurant, theatre studio and community hall are all dedicated to catering for all members of the local population, including the significant number of Muslims living in the area. This project provides an excellent opportunity for residents to not only engage and interact with content they already love but to also discover a wide variety of media, materials and resources that are not readily accessible to them in the locality.


We look forward to seeing the Acton Arts centre become an integral and cherished asset to many future generations of our vibrant, dynamic community.


Aizad Hussain, Chair of Outreach Ealing




I am writing on behalf of the Churchfield Community Association of which I am Chair, concerning the Passmore Edwards Library building at 63  High Street. Acton. We represent over 200 residents and businesses in and around Churchfield Road in Acton.


We are supportive of any community bid which aims to secure this beautiful building for the benefit of all the people of Acton.  We would want the successful bid  to be inclusive and appealing to all residents of Acton.  Any bids which include community space such as a cinema, cafe or restaurant and space for activities such as dance and drama will help to regenerate the High Street and bring additional footfall  which will make the High Street  more attractive for other business too.


We would like to see a home  for the local Film Club, poetry reading group and some evening arts classes who have difficulty in finding accessible space.


We  would encourage you to consider all the bids carefully and prioritise those which have a community base which is diverse and inclusive.



Chris Hurley



I am Director of the Hope Centered Community based just off the High Street and serving the most marginalised people in our community. I am very pleased to endorse the Acton Arts project which, if successful, will increase the footfall on the High Street and bring new life to the area. We are told that there will be  a ticketing system that offers opportunities for the very poor to see films at reduced prices which will give them another opportunity to rejoin society, even for a couple of hours. We encourage the GLA and the Council to look favourably on this community bid and wish them well.


Amanda Cadogan

The Hope Centre

Pass On A Poem logo.jpg



I am writing on behalf of the  Acton branch of the Poetry Association, Pass On A Poem, of which I am the organiser. We endorse the bid by the Acton Arts Project charity to purchase and convert the Passmore Edwards Library building at 63 High Street, Acton W3.


We know most of the Trustees of the project and are very pleased that this is a community bid which aims to secure this beautiful building for the benefit of all the people of Acton. The plans for a restaurant, cinema and performance space on the ground floor will help to regenerate the High Street and make it more attractive for all of us in the evenings. The building is easily accessible by public transport and there is a bus stop just outside the front door. 


The first and second floors are planned to be flexible office and studio space which is difficult to find in London and will be attractive to entrepreneurs and small business owners. We visualise a home too for the local poetry reading group which I organise, as well as book groups and film clubs.


Comfortable accessible community space is at a premium in London and, currently, we  have to keep the poetry reading group small so that it can fit into people's sitting rooms. We understand the Project will have to be run commercially, and wish the Trustees every success in finding suitable funding. 


We encourage you to consider the Acton Arts Project bid carefully and assure you of community support from our members."

REV DEAN AYRES, Associate Rector of Acton


I am writing to express my personal support for the Acton Arts Project’s bid to purchase and convert The Old Library into an Arts Centre with Asset of Community Value status. The Project’s proposal for a cinema, restaurant and office space will provide much-needed community space in central Acton, and being professionally and commercially run, will safeguard the building as a community asset for many years to come.


 I warmly support the project.


REV NICK JONES, Rector of Acton


I fully agree with my colleague. We need this in Acton and we should honour the history of the Old Library and keep it as a community asset.

Chair of Ealing, Acton Conservative Association


We welcome the community bid to provide new uses for the old Acton Library building.  Bids from small voluntary organisations are in line with the Government’s desire to encourage new providers of goods and services as reflected in new European Union procurement directives. This is particularly welcome as Acton has seen the promises of large organisations with great credentials not coming to fruition. We hope that Ealing Council gives the community based bid a fair opportunity to put its case, and gives proper weight to the importance of community use.

Chair of Poets Corner Community Garden, Sue Clements

As Chair of the Poets Corner Community Garden and speaking on behalf of us all I would like to strongly endorse the Bid by Acton Arts Project to Purchase and convert the Old Library Building into a Centre for the Arts. It will greatly improve the Amenities on offer in Acton where there is an increasing population, plus, with all the housing development in the Area a new population will settle here. A Cinema and Arts space will be a massive attraction, it is very Accessible and will help to regenerate the Area. At the moment Local Arts Groups struggle to find spaces which are big enough and suitable for their activities. i.e. Film  and Poetry Clubs. Who knows what talent might emerge from such a Centre in Future, we wish the Bid Every Success.

Chair of CANForum, Jan Gayle-Farlow

CANForum is happy to support the retention of the Old Library as a community asset. The need for such community space and use is vital for the wellbeing and local economy of Acton. 


Even though just outside the boundary of the CANForum area a considerable number of residents within the CANForum area would enjoy the benefits afforded by a community hub.


The lack of shared community space in Acton is dire. The opportunity for all ages to have varied use and enjoy this building thus ensuring  its integrity and future we feel sure residents would applaud.

Councillor Gary Malcolm, Liberal Democrat Leader and Acton resident

The Lib Dems are very supportive of community led arts projects and an arts hub for Acton as well as helping to make a better use of retaining some of our older buildings.