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The AGM 2020

You can view the full recorded Acton Arts AGM by clicking on the link above.

The Finance Report is attached:

Finance Report November 2019 - November 2020 The Acton Arts Project began the year November 2019 with £15,000 in the bank account. This was the Bright Ideas Grant that we were awarded from Locality. During the year the Project has received £25,000 from the Acton Wards and £20,000 from the Acton BID. These funds were collected through our Spacehive crowdfunding campaign. The local community has contributed an additional £48,754.48 through the Spacehive campaign which ran from October to December 2019. There was a marvelous response from our supporters to the Spacehive campaign and the funds included contributions from the Churchfield Road Community, Mill Hill Residents and the Creffield Area Residents Association. There has been £662.93 in donations from the paypal donation button on the website and, finally through the easyfunding app we have collected a further £43.25. In terms this year’s expenditure: there has been £815.52 spent on the website and a further £2,068.89 marketing and comms. We have joined Locality and the Heritage Trust so there has been a small debt on membership fees of £187.46. There has also been tax to pay and charges to HMRC. By far the most significant costs in this period has been the expenses associated with the planning permission and the associated reports and professional fees. This part of the project cost £27,980.88 – which is in line with what we budgeted. The total funds spent since the start of the project (including a small amount from last year) has been £36,280.94. The Acton Arts CIC will continue to seek funds to support the project. We have secured £3,000 from the London Film Fund and are currently seeking funding from the Architectural Heritage Fund for a conditional survey of the old Library. We are also excited to announce that we will be shortly launching a second Spacehive campaign to fund some of the fixtures needed for our pop-up cinema. We are pleased to report that we have appointed Clarke and Co in Churchfield Road as our accountants.

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