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  • Amanda Mason

Retrospective planning permission for our poster boxes

Ealing Council have asked us to apply for retrospective planning permission for our poster boxes which have been set on the front and side of the building for over a year now.

Without the poster boxes (or something like them) we have no visual means of informing the passing public what films are actually being shown. We think the poster boxes are discrete and fit in with the context of the building overall and in our view have little detrimental impact on the frontage of the building.

Care has also been taken to ensure that they are fixed into the mortar rather than the brickwork and therefore when/if they are removed any repairs will be recoverable through the simple remedy of infilling any holes with the appropriate lime mortar. (We have taken advice from our heritage architects on this point).

It goes without saying that the ability to advertise improves the economic viability of the cinema and the café which then improves our ability to protect and restore the fabric of the building overall in the long term.

The poster boxes are set at chest height so they are easily visible to pedestrians, passing drivers and bus passengers - and for staff to easily replace posters when required.

Please help us by telling Ealing Council that you support the retention of these poster boxes by clicking on:

Then click on the “make a comment” box. Fill in your name etc and then click on the “support “box to show you support the application before 15th February.

It would be even more fantastic if you can say why you support the application at the bottom of the online form.

Thank you

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