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  • Amanda Mason

Maire gets the vaccine

Acton Arts Project Director, Maire Lowe, who is 71, received her appointment via a text message from the GP. She says it was a well organised operation and she's feeling grateful and relieved and now awaiting the opportunity to help out with the mass rollout.

She says: ''I was offered a choice of venue (Ealing or Southall) and three time slots with an option for asking again if they didn't suit.

"Ealing Town Hall was very busy but beautifully organised with lovely staff and good social distancing. Everyone was dressed and masked appropriately, there were kindly faces and lots of helpful staff and charming Dr Fiona from Dublin did my Pfizer jab.

"Afterwards I waited the mandatory 15 minutes in case of side effects, there were none.

I'm old enough to have childhood friends who caught polio before that vaccine was available and I'm all in favour of a mass roll out of this vaccine. I'm very pleased and grateful for this opportunity. Let's all agree we are doing well."

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