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  • Amanda Mason

Acton’s New Cinema - Good News On So Many Levels.....

As volunteers crack on with getting nails out of the ground-floor we’ve nailed a vital new tenant for the top ones.

We are mightily pleased to say that Global Skills will be occupying the upper floors of the building. Under the leadership of Nasir Warsama, Global Skills has been working in Acton for many years. It offers essential classes in English as a second language, plus apprenticeships and other courses aimed at broadening employment chances for all.

Now the really hard work begins...

The ink may have dried on the lease agreement with Ealing for the whole building but the fresh paint on the walls has a way to go yet. Teams of volunteers are working in the Old Library on the High Street to make a new Pop-Up cinema of it.

Volunteers have been hard at it for the last few weekends - clearing rubbish, scrubbing and painting throughout. The upper floors look brighter already. The toughest job has been prising the old staples from the floorboards. They’ll be in prize nick when polished.

There’s a lot of work to do before we can open but we’ve achieved so much already, thanks to all our hard-grafting volunteers. Very soon the professionals will step in to build on that generous work. It’s not a dream anymore - a new cinema for Acton is heading for reality.....

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